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Can you imagine experiencing an event that most people would not be able to understand or believe? Many
might call them lies or fantasies. What if you didnt just experience these events but had to endure them alone
with no support from friends and family? What if these events changed your life and forced you to re-evaluateour place in the Cosmos?

Welcome to Kate Thorvaldsen’s world. Kate talks about her close encounters which began when she was
just 3 years old and continue to this day.

This book is about Kate`s life and how all of these close encounters have changed her, but also about her
encounters with the paranormal, and her memories of past lives. Her connection with these other realities on
a daily basis, whether good or bad were at the same time very educational. How she started to connect with
the Matrix, and started to download information about cosmology, quantum physics and theoretical
astrophysics, combined with the greater consciouness.

What would these kind of experiences have done to you? How would you try to fit in to normal society? Kate`sstory is also about being different from others,and learning how to fit in. To find herself, and find the strengthto stand on the outside, allowing her to get out there and tell her story, in the hope that this could help othersin the same situation.

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En Hybrids Historie. 

Kr 275 inkl. porto.
( Gjelder i Norge)

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