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Kate Thorvaldsen


Theoretical Astrophysics & Cosmology

Author and Multi artist



Radio host

Kate Thorvaldsen was born in Drammen, Norway in 1969. She had her first close encounter when she was only three years old during which she met one of the small creatures we have come to know as the Greys. She was ten years old when she met these creatures for a second time and was was taken up into a craft. She lost her sense of smell during this event, and the encounter was also reported to UFO-Norway as a light phenomenon in 1979.


She was twenty nine years old when she had her third close encounter. She was alone in a very isolated cabin on Gol mountain where she had gone to work on her book. The morning after the encounter she awoke to find several strange sharp edged marks on her right eyelid. The next evening she discovered that her behavior had changed from being relaxed to being scared.


When she was later brought back down to the city where there was electricity, she found that she had become highly sensitive to sounds. She could hear electronic noises from many different types of equipment, and even had to leave the room while her mobile phone was being charged. She had become very light sensitive, and her sense of smell had returned.

On January 2016, it was suggested that she should check to see if she had any implants in her. She had found a triangular shaped object under the skin on her neck, so she purchased small neodymium magnets to see if they would attract there. The magnets attached easily! Further checking  revealed thirty two implants which were symmetrically placed on her body. With help from UFO-Norway, she managed to have x-rays taken by a private chiropractor which showed tiny black marks inside her body where the magnets had attached.


She has now written a book entitled; "A Hybrid’s Story", where she tells the story of her life. This includes not only her close encounters but also her spiritual journey, and what it is like trying to live a normal life when she is so different from most people.






Can you imagine experiencing an event that most people would not be able to understand or believe? Many might call them lies or a fantasy. What if you didnt just experience these events but had to endure them alone with no support frome friends and family? What if these events changed your life and forced you to re-evaluate our place in the Cosmos?


Welcome to Kate Thorvaldsen’s world. Kate talks about her close encounters that began when she was just 3 years old and continue to this day. The experiences changed her understanding of the universe and awakened her to infinite possiblities for life on other planets.

But a bigger picture emerged for her. The information she has learned sparked her to think of the Universe in a different way, and for the first time ever as she was never interested in astronomy and physics in the past. Now however Kate may have cracked the shell of the Universe that may hide a completely new theoretical astrophysics. The concepts, to be detailed in her next book, will open your mind as to a possible true nature of the Universe. This from someone who was never interested in the topic before, but forced to confront it due to her experiences. Her talk takes the viewer on a mental tour that she was provided by beings she faced in her encounters. What was revealed to her was the inner workings of the Universe.


She is not alone in this study. Numerous prestigious Universities have sought an audience with her to discuss her theories. Coupled with the experiences, Kate has become the unwelcome recipient of up to 35 magnetic locations on her body where magnets are attracted to her. These locations seem to share a symmetry with each other that defies explanation. Why are these present on her? Who or what put them there? There are always more questions than answers it seems but some of the answers will be answered tonight. Look for Kate’s new book on astrophysics later this year...

Her talk takes the viewer on a mental tour that she was provided by beings she faced in her encounters. What was revealed to her was the inner workings of the Universe. 


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